Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Home office Design

Some of my thoughts on "Home-office Design" by Ilze Hugo.
Thank you for the feature.

Friday, September 18, 2015

 Working on a TV unit and interiors for a new apartment. Neutral hues and whites. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

A carpet of tiles

I have been sourcing tiles and finishes for a new project. A refurbishment of a beautiful old house in Cape Town. I have been inspired by a "carpet of tiles" I have found some options at WOMAG, TileSpace and at Moroccan Warehouse. Each different and unique, and at competitive prices, the options have been great and the look looks like it will be achieved!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Experiencing the City

This morning R and I started our day off with a "business breakfast". It is a breakfast together at a different spot in town every 2 weeks ( or so) where we start at 7am and discuss ideas. They are fun and our way of "experiencing the early morning city" because we live in the burbs and we often do not get to "feel" this piece of Cape Town at this time of the morning in the week.

This is a snap taken at YoursTruly of their wall planter boxes. 
I want.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014



Sometimes one just finds a refuge, where everything just seems like goodness. It all just seems to part of a natural rhythm of honesty, warmth, happiness and being real.
This for me, was Bartholomeus Klip.
It was a whole lot of things that made this little lodge in the middle of nowhere perfect. It was a working farm with an elegant rusticness that balanced the natural perfection of everything. The food, the staff, most of which have lived on the farm their entire lives, the beautiful room, with a free-standing bath on claws and a wrap around veranda, the smell of fresh linen mixed with cut lawn and brewed coffee.
It was being spoilt to the stillness of the night, mixed with the crowing of the cockerels in the morning. The beautiful bird life, the opportunity to cycle through a reserve dotted with Zebra and numerous grazers and the chance to wake up and load a canoe with coffee and rusks just to float on an expansive dam that was pierced only with fish coming to the surface.
We had late morning breakfasts around tables brimming with home-made muesli and stewed fruits, we had late afternoon teas, with Melk-Tert and scones after afternoon snoozes and long lazy reads.
Dinner was a delight of tastes and wine and was an end off to a day that filled the gap that was left by the evening game drive and the long gay's heat.
This little working farm sanctuary has got to be one of the best places I have been to in a long time, sometimes nothing can top the honesty and elegance of pure simple farm luxury.

All images by me

Monday, November 10, 2014

Petunia Black

It is seldom that I allow "colour" into my garden. I have nurtured my dream (tiny) garden of all white and shades of green , but, A few weeks ago I spotted a large pot of Black Petunias. I had to have them, n my mind black is not a colour and the dramatic appearance they have could not be resisted!
This weekend, on my regular weekend trawl of auctions and nurseries, I found them! I have planted the and they have a proud home on my deck. I am needing to paint their pots white, I envision these velvety laves cascading over the edge's of crisp white pots! Once that has been achieved I will post a pic! Watch this space!

How to start a Sunday

Sunday morning started with a swim in Saunders Pool. Getting up and having a rock pool swim has been on my "to do" list for ages now and Sunday proved to be the perfect day for an early morning dip. There are few more invigorating ways to start a morning and I could not recommend it more... Now to do this mid week. A dip was followed by a sunny spot at Caprice for breakfast. Cape Town Bliss.