Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend wonderful

Just some weekend happiness. R and I began a climb up Lions Head at 5am on Saturday ( I know...mad, but worth it)  morning. To be up that early and be almost alone going climbing up and watch the sunrise, really sets you up for a great weekend. This was followed by a lazy day at home, gardening and "pottering". Sunday was filled with a spontaneous road-trip to Tulbagh. All in all, the most wonderful, relaxed, happy weekend. Cape Town really is a treat!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Forgotten Gem on Mill Street

A Mill Street, Gardens, forgotten Gem. I am determined to give these derelict beauties around Cape Town some sort of acknowledgement. Any renovators dream... even in her sadness she looks so beautiful. Who owns her? And as for those beautiful trees...

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Goodbye to Home


Today marks the day that my family and I say goodbye to our family home. I don't even know how sad I am at this stage. A home means so many things. Moving on from it means so many more.
My Dad allowed us to have the most beautiful spacious home in Cape Town. Every room had a view that was perfect. It had space and high ceilings, huge windows and rooms and rooms. You were able to feel completely alone or able to have so many friends around, all enjoying the luxurious comforts of a huge pool, mountain views, sunny patios and a fully stocked bar.
The garden was lovingly tendered by my mom, it had Koi pools and hidden ponds, it rambled and turned and you could go for a "walk in it". It was the venue for picnics and garden parties and my wedding.
Our home had wall space for pictures my sister's and I had drawn throughout our lives. A long gallery passage that was adorned with beautifully framed paintings from when we were in pre-school. We had art from high school framed in the dining room and paintings of swirled colours that we had painted when coming home from trips after University and were filled with the naïve innocence an attitude of those who have the world at their feet.
It had a kitchen that always smelt of meals and baking, in it was a square table for 12, that was venue to lunches and dinners and always had space for someone to just arrive.
Our home had space for friends and families, it had space for sister quarrels and for dressing up. It had more than enough space for laughter. It had an entire dress up cupboard that housed outfits that could turn spontaneous dinner parties into groups of Geisha, police, cowboys, Mexicans and even a horse.
It was the venue for baby-showers and kitchen teas, the venue for my sister's and my 21sts. It has been turned into a circus, an Aladdin's Cave and a Disney Castle. It was the home to my wedding where it became the most magical haven, filled with my dreams and love and family and friends and released me into my new life and my new home, with my husband at my side.
It has been a refuge. It has housed guests from overseas, family from Sweden, friends needing a home. Friends that have now become like family. It was there when I needed a home from home, it was always open and never too full.
It's walls could talk of tears and unhappy times of sadness and of learning. Of long chats over bottles of wine and of long hugs leaving wet shoulders.
I am bad with change. So leaving home has been hard and today I am sad. I am trying to focus on all the memories and how much happiness there was and was able to be because of the walls of my home, because of the opportunity of living in such a paradise, such a fort and such a castle.
I know I want to create my own beautiful home with R and that I have learnt all the things I want and all the things I don't want from the opportunity of living in the most beautiful home my sisters and I could ever have imagined, and although I am never ready to say goodbye, I am ready to know that living in this family home has been a wonderful magical journey, the most special journey that 3 girls could ever ask for.
Thank you mom and dad x

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Colour Inspiration

Love the colours in this apartment- the black and the peach walls look
incredibly chic and stylish.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Images of Home

R and I are continuously updating and working on our home. For me it is a palette that I find endless hours of happiness in changing, moving, and then changing again. These are some images of home.