Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Colour Inspiration

Love the colours in this apartment- the black and the peach walls look
incredibly chic and stylish.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Images of Home

R and I are continuously updating and working on our home. For me it is a palette that I find endless hours of happiness in changing, moving, and then changing again. These are some images of home.

Cactus Inspiration

These images have all been taken by Carla Coulson and they are of a tiny bar, Masseria
Cimino. I had to re-post because of these Cactus leaves and how they have been incorporated into the beautiful white interior. I am obsessed with plants and massive over-sized leaves in glass vases at the moment, and so when I saw this is made me stop in my image-trawling tracks!

See Carla's images here

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Because every home needs one....

 Aaaand L'Orangerie wins again. I couldn't resist this... I mean doesn't every solid home need an oversized protractor?

Vegetable Arrangement Success

A few weeks ago I was tasked with the job of arranging the flowers for my Mom's 60th. A Grande affair. My mom is a keen gardener and has always prided herself on creating soups and salads from her extensive vegetable garden, that she tends to with care and pride. I wanted her 60th decor to reflect some of the things we love about her, and this includes her wonderful cooking and her sustainable gardening skills.
I decided to do Vegetable arrangements, and I feel that they turned out far more fabulously than I had imagined.
My sisters and I collected all our "vegetable flowers" from  good old Pick 'n Pay, and then went to Woolworths to purchase some of their exotics. For nine arrangements we spent under R400 and after the party, we divided them between the 3 of us and the arrangements were used in a vegetable soup, a salad and a on a braai.
We bought one bunch of Woolworths roses, that we dotted in-between the vegetables, for a touch of glamour and quirkiness and then kept all the vases glass (except one, for a different area) , to create a bit of uniformity.
The arrangements caused my moms friends to bring their Canon Cameras out, and much thrill around the table (at the wonderful Ottimo Cibo), and along with their cost effectiveness and fun-factor to arrange, I feel they were a huge success!

All images by me

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Monday, September 15, 2014

Home Dreaming 70's Inspired

This is a home that R and I often walk past. I have come to love living in a 70's house, they often have timber T&G ceilings and internal volumes that can not be imagined from their understated facades. They have an elegance to them. Simple lines and textures, and then inside they open up into beautiful spaces that are light and carefully considered.

I have never been into this house, but it has intrigued me every time I walk past. I know it is one of those houses that some might hate it and others absolutely love it. I love it and so does R. It needs a lot of care and work, but I think that is what has made me love it even more. It has definitely found a secure place on my home dreaming list, and I needed to photograph what I could of it from the road this Sunday , to secure it's position.

Friday, September 12, 2014

An elegant affair

I have never been a major fashionista and  I have always been drawn to a more classic "look" than anything very trendy and bold. A good friend of mine, has always joked that I prefer to tailor the colour choices of my outfits to match my interiors and that she knows that I prefer her to visit me in tones that match my lounge rather than her wonderful, sparkling personality.... I can not argue ( however, gold, sequence and leopard print are where I deviate from the afore mentioned palette). 
Any "style savvy" that I might have, I attribute to me ever glamorous mother and her mother, my late Grandmother, Valerie. Amongst many of her beautiful traits, my grandmother never deviated form her Chanel No.5 perfume and had most of her beautiful outfits personally tailored by a seamstress in town, whom, I  remember visiting with her and being told to busy myself by finding buttons on her sewing room floor, a  fond childhood memory of mine.
My grandmother wore beautiful rings, smoked like a lady, sipped gin and tonics, she had cupboards of furs, pearls and Chantilly lace dresses.
In a move that my family is going through at the moment, many an old and wonderful photo has been re-discovered and emerged. This is my beautiful grandmother's wedding album, where she wore a gown, I would have loved to have worn, even today. She had brides-maids in white and she rocked the most beautiful and elegant collar! I think she looks just beautiful and so chic. Today I am thinking of her and remembering her beautiful elegance.